Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweetest Heart of Mary Pierogi Festival 2013

On Sunday August 11, 2013, members of the Wawel Folk Ensemble performed at the Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in Detroit, Michigan’s annual Pierogi Festival.  The Pierogi Festival is a performance that the ensemble looks forward to every summer – 2013 was no different; however, unlike previous years, the temperatures were much more accommodating for dancing with highs only in the ‘70s.
For this performance, Wawel wore its most recently acquired set of folk costumes from Biłgoraj.  During the performance Wawel presented suites of dances from Biłgoraj, Sieradz, and Rzeszów.  Wawel also presented its Polka Warszawska, and its new polka to conclude the performance.

In addition to its annual performance at the Pierogi Festival, Wawel has participated for over 30 years in the Christmas Eve Pasterka and the Easter Sunday Resurrection procession at Sweetest Heart of Mary.

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