Friday, August 10, 2007


Congratulations go out to Wawel's director, Tom Skurski. At the annual meeting of the Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas, held in Chicago on August 4, 2007, Tom was elected president of the Association.

Congratulations Tom!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer Round - Up

The lazy hazy days of summer haven't held members of the Wawel Folk Ensemble back. So far it's been a whirlwind of traveling and summertime performances.

From June 22 - 24, 2007, members of the Ensemble traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to perform at the annual Polish Fest. At Polish Fest, Wawel gave performances with Dolina from Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota and with the Wici Dancers from Chicago. Wawel also performed in the Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas (PFDAA) gala on Saturday evening. At Polish Fest, Wawel presented its Kaszuby, Rzeszow and Cieszyn suites as well as its Polonez and Kadzioleczka. On Sunday, June 24, 2007, members of the Ensemble attended the Polish Fest mass in traditional folk attire. The Milwaukee Polish Fest trip has been a Wawel tradition since 1998, and is highly anticipated by members of the Ensemble.

The weekend of July 13 - 15 saw Wawel performing on July 15 at the American Polish Century Club's Polish Festival at Freedom Hill Park in Sterling Heights, Michigan. While at Freedom Hill, Wawel presented its Kaszuby, Lubelski, Cieszyn, and Rzeszow suites as well as Kadzioleczka and the Karolina Polka.

At the end of July, members of the Ensemble traveled to the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois to participate in the PFDAA Festival from July 28 - August 4, which was hosted by the Wesoly Lud Polish Folk Group of the PRCUA.

While in Chicago, members of the Ensemble participated in dance work shops where the learned dances from Eastern Krakow, Spisz, Wielkopolska and Podlasie. In addition to the week of dance work shops, Ensemble members attended mass at the Holy Name Cathedral, visited the Polish Museum of the Americas, visited Navy Pier, toured the City of Chicago, took a fireworks cruise on Lake Michigan and rode to the top of the Sears Tower.

On August 3 to conclude the week, Wawel presented its Kaszuby and Rzeszow suites as the PFDAA gala concert, held at the Aerie Crown Theater in Chicago. Wawel received many compliments from dance workshop instructors as well as other choreographers from Poland about the precision and authenticity of the steps included in these two medleys.

After a few days rest, Wawel will return to the stage this Sunday at the Sweetest Heart of Mary Pierogi Festival. After that, Wawel will appear at the St. Malachy Festival on August 18, 2007 and on Labor Day in the Hamtramck Labor Day parade. Summer may be waning, but Wawel's energy and enthusiasm is not.

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